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Dallas Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Our company designs, installs, services, maintenances, repairs and provides UL Certified™ Central Station fire alarm monitoring. For more details visit.
Dallas Fire Alarms

Our Fire Alarm Services:

Commercial Fire Alarms

Paramount Alarm Systems, Inc. specializes in installing & servicing your Commercial Fire Alarms in Dallas. We offer UL Certified™ Central Station Fire Alarm Monitoring for commercial fire alarms.
Dallas Commercial Fire Alarms

Industrial Fire Alarms

Paramount Alarm Systems, Inc. evaluates and designs, installs, and services all of your Industrial Fire Alarm needs.
Dallas Industrial Fire Alarms

Residential Fire Alarms

Fire prevention and fire safety should begin in the home. We provide details about the benefits of having a Residential Fire Alarm System.
Dallas Residential Fire Alarms

24 hr. Alarm System Monitoring

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Security Alarms

Security alarms will help protect your home, business, commercial building or any property that is need of having a security alarm system. We help with each stage of the process from design, installation, service, and UL Certified Central Station Monitoring. Contact us for an estimate to install, service, or monitor your residential or commercial security alarm system.

CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV security cameras offer an ever watching eye keeping the property and building contents safer from the danger of robbery. Available video back-up for your building surveillance systems, connectivity for all cell, computer and laptop devices, remote access to view system status or even watch live video feed from your installed security camera CCTV system.

Fire Alarm Company
Installs, Services, Maintains, Repairs, Tests, Inspects, & Monitors Your Fire Alarm Systems in Dallas

Paramount Alarm System, Inc. is a full service residential, commercial and industrial fire alarm company in Dallas. Our fire alarm company always evaluates our clients needs before designing or installing your fire alarm system. We ensure you meet or exceed fire codes, rules & regulations, by installing a fire alarm system easy for you to operate and maintain. Providing service in Dallas, we specialize in design, installation, service, maintenance, repair, tests, inspections and monitoring of your home residence, commercial & industrial fire alarms.

Paramount Alarm System, Inc. is State Licensed and Fully Insured to work on your residential, commercial and industrial fire alarm systems.

Residential Fire Alarms

We are your alarm system specialists and can help you with each step of the installation process for your residential home fire alarm system.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarms are required for many commercial businesses in the City of Dallas. We comply with all city building, fire codes and adhere to NFPA National Standards for installation, service, repair, maintenance, tests, inspections or UL Certififed Central Station Monitoring.

Think Fire Safety First

The hazards of fire surround us in our daily lives. As of 2010 the USFA (United States Fire Administration) estimates there was a total of 1,331,500 fires in the US, causing 3,120 deaths, with 17,720 people injured from fire and a total dollar loss of $11,593,000.00. These numbers are staggering and fire can be devastating, but we can protect ourselves from the dangers of fire.

The best form of protection is by fire prevention. Think fire safety first be prepared in case of an emergency by installing fire alarms, fire sprinklers and fire protection systems. Fire alarms are designed to detect the unwanted presence of hazardous or toxic fumes & chemicals, warn you of their presence or event of a fire, give time for occupants to evacuate the building safely, and contact third party help such as the fire department if necessary, basically the fire alarm system allows you time to respond to the fire hazard.

Installing Fire Alarms Save Lives

Did you know by installing fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and fire protection systems into your home residence, commercial or industrial building that you can possibly save a life? The NFPA states by installing notification devices such as smoke detectors, home deaths from cause of fire can be reduced by half, & by installing fire alarms with a fire sprinkler system you can reduce the risk of dying in a home fire by 80%. The USFA recommends the installation of fire alarms in homes, commercial and industrial facilities to help save lives from the dangers of fire.

Fire Alarm History

Fire has long presented dangers to homes, possessions and the general public. Hundreds of years ago Kings and Queens would have night watchmen keeping a safe eye and sounding a horn should the dangers of fire or emergency arise. Early American communities began to adopt night watchmen called "firemen" assigned the task to keep a safe eye on the city for danger of fire. These firemen would sound whistles, horns, church bells and hand shaken wooden rattle horns should the danger of fire be present.

Utilizing modern technology with the invention of telegraphs, computers, phones, fiber optics and science modern day fire alarms are much more efficient, effective at warning occupants of danger and communicate better to get thrid party assistance from local fire departments if necessary.

Fire Codes

Fire Codes are created by governing agencies assigned the task of keeping people and possessions safe from the harm of fire. Generally these fire codes govern the use of fire alarms, fire sprinklers and fire protection systems in residences, commercial, public and industrial facilities with the intentions to keep people safe, protect private possessions, and property from the dangers of fire,

Types of Fire Alarms

There are two types of fire alarm systems available each offering a wide range of choices, selection and options to suit the requests of our clients. We describe the benefits of having a non-proprietary fire alarm system over a proprietary fire alarm system below.

Proprietary which are exclusively licensed, serviced and maintained which may limit your choice of fire alarm companies, and fire alarm devices, appliances, equipment, technicians and fire alarm contractors able to work on the system.

Non-Proprietary fire alarms which are open source giving you more fire alarm companies, contractors, technicians, better selection from more manufacturers of fire alarm devices, appliances and equipment are available.